Responsible person and contacts

Mario Obradović,

+385 (0)35 410533

+385 (0)35 410515

Ulica 108. Brigade ZNG 5, Slavonski Brod

Workshop Slavonski brod

The facility is aimed at performing the following activities:

  • maintenance, overhaul, modernization and remotorisation of shunting locomotives
  • maintenance of tank wagons for the transportation of oil derivatives (in accordance with RID, oil, gasoline and other derivatives)
  • reconstruction and modification of freight and passenger wagons and other railway vehicles
  • protection and preservation of cultural assets
  • major repairs of open and closed wagons of various series
  • all types of repair, modification and reconstruction of heavy motor vehicles.

We also offer machining services, cutting, cutting, bending, welding, metallization, production of all types of welded metal constructions.

  • Certifikat ISO 9001 2015 - pogon Slavonski Brod - hr Download
  • Certifikat ISO 14001 2015 - pogon Slavonski Brod - hr Download
  • Certifikat ISO 45001 2018 - pogon Slavonski Brod - hr Download
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