Basic Informations

The company was founded as an independent daughter company of HŽ-Cargo, with all business functions and superstructure to support the basic activities of the company, and consists of the Management Board and professional affairs and 9 work units located at important geo-traffic points with a total of 450 employees.

OV – Wagon maintenance, limited liability company
Strojarska 17, 10 000 Zagreb, Republic of Croatia

Activity: Wagon maintenance
Registered capital: HRK 9,046,400.00.
Founder: HŽ Cargo

Activities of our company

We specialize in:

  • 1

    Provision of extraordinary repairs on passenger wagons.

  • 2

    Performing control inspections of passenger wagons (P1, P2, P12 and P18).

  • 3

    Replacement of vital parts on passenger carriages.

  • 4

    Elimination of the consequences of harmful events on passenger wagons.

  • 5

    Carrying out extraordinary repairs and control inspections on freight wagons in workshops.

  • 6

    Carrying out extraordinary repairs outside workshops through mobile work teams.

  • 7

    Carrying out audits on freight wagons.

  • 8

    Performing various maintenance and renovation works and reconstruction of other railway vehicles.

Network of our workshops

Our workshops are located in geostrategic positions on the railway network of the Republic of Croatia, which are important for the quick, professional and professional approach of our employees for troubleshooting and maintenance of railway freight cars and other railway vehicles.

Our references