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    Maintenance services

    Restoration and reconstruction of railway vehicles

    Održavanje vagona d.o.o.

  • Network of workshops on the railway network of the Republic of Croatia

    Fault detection and elimination

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    Održavanje vagona d.o.o.

  • Professional approach and training of employees


    References and satisfied clients

    Održavanje vagona d.o.o.

Company Održavanje vagona d.o.o.

The company was founded as an independent company-daughter of HŽ-Cargo, with all business functions and superstructure to support the basic activities of the company, and consists of the Management Board and professional affairs of 4 sections and 5 regional workshops located at important geotraffic points in 7 locations.

About Us
Professionalism, expertise and trust are the main characteristics of our society

Services 24/7

Provision of the service of troubleshooting freight wagons in the field through the existence of mobile capacities.

Customer support

Availability of our experts and employees.


Access to solving all requests.

mobile phones


Efficient and public business operations.


Certificates and attestations are a reflection of the work of our workshops.


Our references are a reflection of satisfied clients with a long tradition of work

The network of satisfied clients speaks of our quality.

Network of our workshops

Our workshops are located in geostrategic positions on the railway network of the Republic of Croatia, which are important for the quick, professional and professional approach of our employees for troubleshooting and maintenance of railway freight cars and other railway vehicles.